End of an Era – Return to Hirakata

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 02/02/2008)

Most of these pictures are from Hirakata recently.


Every time I go to Yamadaike Park there are cool old dudes fishing.  Fishing in Japan confuses me.  These guys set up a little platform slightly offshore and then sit there with the tip of the really long pole resting in the water.  They stare at the tip of the pole through a little pair of binoculars mounted in front of them to the platform.  This seems to be the standard method for fishing in parks in Japan.

Catching a nap, at best

Some cans I was collecting before I moved from my other dorm.  I took a picture so as not to forget them.

Crazy aluminum cans

Here are a couple of other interesting looking products I saw in a vending machine in Kobe.

God Mocha!

Halloween Soda!

Take a look at this amazing slide I found the other day in Hirakata.  Woah.


I intend to post some more anecdotes someday soon but I probably should get a little bit of studying done too before I start classes again on Monday.


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