Naive Water and JR Lime

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 12/11/2007)

Two paths diverged in the woods, and I – I took the one travelled by hobos and litterbugs, and that has made all the difference.  If you walk the main path along the Yodo River between Hirakata and Makino you walk along the dike that was built to protect the cities from raging floods and you get lovely views of the golf course and the sewage treatment ponds.  If you walk the other path, the secret path, you walk along right next to the river on a narrow road covered by trees.  Down there, by the river, it’s amazing how well sound travels over the surface of the river.  I can hear all the action that’s going on in Takatsuki (buses loading passengers, trains whizzing by, cars honking, factories clanking, people screaming by the river…) as clear as if I was standing over on the other side.  I can actually hear it better than I can hear Hirakata even though I’m standing right next to it.  It’s true there is a sound barrier created by the dike but there’s an equally large one (I assume) on the other side.More...

The sunset was amazing tonight as it so often is here and that led me to wonder about the air quality.  There really is a lot of air pollution here but it does make pretty sunsets.  As it became darker I began to notice flashes of lightning up ahead in the vicinity of Kyoto.  Very soon, lights of distant towns began disappearing and I figured it was a good idea to pick up the pace a bit and get home before the lights of my city disappeared too.

I went to Umeda today to try to get my camera fixed at Yodobashi Camera.  It was very difficult but I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get everything worked out by myself in Japanese only with the customer service people.  I’m pretty sure they’re going to call me tomorrow and tell me whether it can be fixed or not and how much it’s going to cost.  I told the guy it wasn’t my fault but he just kept repeating that it was going to take money to fix it.  I said I didn’t drop it and he said he understood but it’s broken and it’s going to take money to fix it.  I showed him that the LCD screen was cracked and explained that there was no reason it should be like that since I very carefully handled it and he said that the screen was broken and the camera was broken and it would take money to fix it.  I asked if I could use my point card to pay for it and he said it’s going to take money to fix it.  I asked him how much money it was going to take and he said there’s no way he could know that right now but he’ll contact me tomorrow and that it’s going to take money to fix it.  I asked him why the warranty didn’t cover it and he said it’s going to take money to fix it.  Anyway, I guess I’ll find out.  I hope they don’t call me during class.  I collapsed at Vie de France after my battle in the store and sat there reading a manga and listening to music for awhile.  I emailed some friends and was able to meet up with my friend Mami at Kyobashi and we went to Osaka Castle Park together.  It was really fun.  It has been a really good weekend for speaking Japanese (but I don’t have my homework done!).  Soon, I am going down to the lounge to spend some time talking with one of my Japanese friends in English for awhile to try to help her understand some homework.

Happy Veterans Day.  Do you ever wonder why we say “happy”?  It sort of implies that we’re happy our veterans had to go to war.  I know that’s not the intention but it’s really hard to explain the difference to a Japanese person.  Today, in Korea and Japan anyway, is also Pocky Day.  Pocky are the chocolate covered biscuit sticks that are so very delicious and are becoming more popular around the world today.  11/11 looks like a bunch of Pocky sticking up out of a box.

Update (11/12): The internet was down all weekend so I wasn’t able to upload yesterday but it’s back up now, whee!  I spent the whole afternoon watching yakuza films for my report that I’m writing for my cinema class.  I went for a jog in the drizzle tonight and circumnavigated Yamadaike Kouen (Mountain Field Pond Park).  As I was coming back the cities of Makino, Hirakata, and Takatsuki all lined up and created one long vista of sparkly lights.  Yodobashi Camera didn’t call me today so I’m beginning to doubt my understanding of the conversation.  Well, I have some sort of receipt and a business card so I can call them some time if I have to.  I could always get a Japanese friend to help too.  Gotta get back to the books now.

P.S.  If you’re wondering about this post’s title, JR Lime was a typo I saw on a sign in Osaka Station (of all places!) and was supposed to be JR Line.   Naive Water was some sort of labeled blob on the map at Kyobashi station and I have no idea what it was.


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