Sign Here, Please

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 19/12/2007)

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…  These aren’t really Engrish, just bizarre signs I’ve found recently in Japan.


Umm, where exactly are you supposed to go to get to the subway?

Going up?

I wasn’t expecting to find saguaros here!

Find Choice

I think that’s a flamingo:

Flamingo garage

I just happened to take a closer look at a mailbox I was passing (this one’s for you, Pop):


We all must do our part to clean up after ourselves:

Dog chiding cat (fun!)

I was amazed by the amount of detail they put into the signs for Osaka-jo Park.  Most of the names were normal but then there were incredibly detailed place names like this:

Osaka-jo sign 1

Osaka-jo sign 2

Osaka-jo sign 3

And there are also signs that I just can’t figure out what sort of services they advertise:

Smile Support?

Bus?  Boat?


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