Signs of the Tokaido – Page One

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 02/02/2008)

All of these signs were seen somewhere along the Tokaido on my journey last month.

More... The first of many, many, many signs I would see about not throwing out trash.  Kyoto’s a pretty classy town and they’ve got to keep their reputation among all the millions of tourists who come every year so of course they have a Beautification Enforcement Area.

Litterbugs will be punished!

The signs just got cuter and cuter after that.

UFOs have trash too

One tough can

Portuguese signs appear where there are many Brazilians

The policeman is a dog

Littering is a mysterious crime indeed

The rivers actually are some of the dirtier places in Japan

Too cute

These green and white signs are the coolest in Japan.  The poetry just says so much.

Comedy GOLD!

There are other crimes in Japan as well.


Everywhere you go in Japan there is a sign to warn you of the dangers ahead.

Don't dig here!

Don't run out in front of cars

Kindness is key

Watch out for snails!

It just ran out in front of me, I swear!

Pile up!

Turtle Power

I’m not sure why but I started seeing these characters on signs all over Shizuoka prefecture.  Maybe they are the prefectural mascots or something.

Who are they?



Let’s start another page.


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