Signs of the Tokaido – Page Two

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 02/02/2008)


Yeah, why not?

I should have gone in

Pacman on drugs!

No, Pacman, No!

The king stores his stuff behind these pink doors.


Okinawan noodle cuisine?

A favorite of alien beings

A den of foxes!


P.S.  DOG’S HOUSE! (I suppose P.S. actually stands for ‘pet shop’ in this case…)

Guess what... Inu no ie!

Some sort of albino otter advertising a cleaners.

Stay cool

My sidewalk ended here but they gave me a map on how to get around it.


The Pied Piper of Hamlin couldn’t dispel rats like these guys.

Rat, be gone!

Another green-and-white sign.  They are typically about smoking and how you should be more sensitive to others around you.

Don't smoke!  Don't even try!

Dude, sweet door.

Surf's UP!

But the ocean isn’t all fun and games.  The ocean is a dangerous, dangerous place.  Catfish are a symbol of earthquakes because they are supposed to be able to sense one coming thanks to their sensitive whiskers.

Look out!

Tokyo’s actually overdue for a really big earthquake so there are places where they prepare for the big one.

Be awake

Landslides are a big threat too.

Rumblin and a rollin'

Live?  Die?  The choice depends on your speed.

Don't speed

This makes me think that there is going to be some giant boar like in Princess Mononoke that comes charging out of the woods suddenly.

Worms - none for me, thanks

The possibilities of a Publice Toilet boggle the mind.

I didn't use it

Woah!  Who are these guys?


Watch out for Curious George.

Oh, saru-san...

Yabe indeed!  Yabe could be a variation of the word yabai which means “dangerous.”  Or it could be the name for these crazy little yam people.


Homes-kun will help you find your next home.

I say, Holmes, you do look a bit peckish.

I felt like this tortoise dude sometimes.

I actually wore my tortoise necklace during the trip

And finally, a word on the signs of Hamamatsu.  First, there were signs all over the place pointing you to all of the cool attractions and they were really useful.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

And, what was even cooler, was that there were signs that could tell you verbally how to get somewhere if you pressed a button!  A voice would read out the directions on how to get somewhere and the route would light up on the map.

Sweet progress!


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