Sprocket 19

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 09/03/2008)

Today I went with my friend Aurora and her friend Katherine to the Osaka Aquarium!  Osakako is a really quiet and relaxed part of the city.  I enjoyed watching the ships come in and out of the harbor.  There was a replica of the Santa Maria (twice actual size) and a giant ferris wheel which is one reason why the aquarium is such a famous date place.  The aquarium is famous for having a whale shark, but I was actually a bit surprised that it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.  It was an… interesting experience trying to work our way through the aquarium.  It was really crowded and hard to see anything and if you weren’t pushy then you missed out.  There were lots of really cool animals though and I had a really good time.

After the aquarium we went to the mall next door and had lunch in the food court.  This felt strangely American to me.  I guess a mall is a mall is a mall…

When we’d finished eating, we went back to the train station and passed this cool gift shop along the way.  It was so jam-packed with stuff and the woman running the place stood blocking the door so I don’t know if you can go in and look at the stuff or if she just sells what she has out front and then brings new stuff out for people to see.  I like how the building is kind of falling over.

The Green Gift Shop, Osaka

The Green Gift Shop, Osaka

We rode the train back to Osaka Castle Park to see the plum blossoms.  It was really busy there also but the plum blossoms were really pretty and we had a good time.  There were some women wailing and chanting in one corner of the keep, people juggling flaming batons on unicycles, and rock bands performing live on the sidewalk in front of Osaka Castle Park Dome.  There were food booths everywhere, and people were just lounging around enjoying the beautiful weather.  This was probably the busiest I’ve ever seen Osaka Castle Park but I always love going and seeing how people relax there.

Here is a picture of Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle and Plum Blossoms

Osaka Castle and Plum Blossoms

Some fun Engrish.

Osaka Costle?

Osaka Costle?

And a cool sign.

I’m really tired but I’ve got a little more homework to finish up and I think I may go watch a movie with some friends later tonight.  Tomorrow I have to give my speech in Japanese about environmental problems.  I’m going to talk about the Columbia River and the energy that is produced by the dams but also talk about how the salmon population is declining.  I also plan to talk about reckless deforestation.  It should be pretty fun.  I’m looking forward to mentioning that I used to work at an energy company and talking about the wind farm they just built near Baker City last year.

Gotta go hit the books!


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