The Alleywalker

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 19/12/2007)

Well, I’ve got my camera back again so here are some pictures!

More...After picking up my camera from Yodobashi Camera, I walked along the Osaka Loop Line from Umeda to Kyobashi and these are some of the things I saw along the way.


Grimy wall under tracks

Osaka Loop Line from a different perspective

People often ask me, “So, what is Japan actually like?”  Well, these are some of the things I see every day here.

A couple of gate guards helping a truck back into a building:


A tree-lined path:

Trees in Winter

An average building in Osaka:

Building by river

Trucks sitting and rotting under a bridge:


A building in a building:


A typical apartment building.  Sometimes there are dozens of these lined up:

Apartments (manshons)

The Loop Line:

Osaka Loop Line

Benches in Osaka Castle Park:


Finally, sunsets in Japan are always incredible:

Sunset in Conbini Window

There are more, oh so many more, but that’s it for this post.


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