Tokaido Pictures – Page Two

July 22, 2009

(Originally Published 02/02/2008)

More...Sometimes the Tokaido is Route One and sometimes it is a nice smaller road that parallels the main highway.  This is what a typical neighborhood looked like when I wasn’t walking on the highway and when I wasn’t in the huge city.

Edo Jidai, ka na...

This is the coffee shop where I was able to stay upstairs for the night in Tsuchiyama.  I will never forget their kindness.


Somebody’s front yard.  People do this the world over.  I know it’s strange but I really love taking pictures of junk.

A pile of memories

Yamanaka, a part of Tsuchiyama, Gifu Prefecture.  These mountains are the border between Gifu and Mie prefectures.  It was a very cold day.

Timeless Mountain Village

This bulb is used to keep vines from creeping up into power lines.  It seems to have worked like a greenhouse for this plant which was thriving inside.

Feed me, Seymour

No railroad tracks in sight – how did they get these boxcars way up in the mountains?

Hobo Estates

Take a walk along the Tokaido with me.

How can I put it in words?

More of the same, always different

I think you get the picture

What’s going on here?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think it has something to do with a children’s sumo tournament.

Huge bear and crab; grappling teddy and bunny

I wonder what’s in these barrels.

Donkey Kong

The array of colors in this grass was marvelous.

The grass is not always greener on the other side

It was a very moist day in Nagoya when I found this large shrine.

Beyond this gate lies a magical realm

That’s a pigeon on the ground which gives you some idea of the size of the gate.  Also, there were some random roosters just hanging out on the grounds.

I have no idea what to say about this image

It’s highly unlikely this church does anything more than weddings.

Crossing Over

The coolest phone booth in the world?

Okazaki Phone Booth

While I admire his resourcefulness, at the same time I wonder about the effect on the river.

Man washing car in river

The Meitetsu Line.  It almost looks like a model diorama.

Red, Red, Red!

A cold day in the mountains – God peers out from the clouds.

Ah, but for a glimpse of that eternal light

For some reason I really wanted to get a picture here.  I stood here probably five minutes waiting to get a picture with a train.  I lost my awesome light on the grass, must have looked ridiculous to passersby, and got really cold but I am pleased nonetheless.

Meitetsu es su Yourtetsu

Thus ends page two.


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