Signs of the Times

July 23, 2009

(Originally Published 21/04/2008)

Today’s post is mainly a picture log of the last month.  I’ve been keeping busy with class and hanging out with friends and doing some exploring now and then.  I enjoyed several more hanami excursions and Japan is becoming more beautiful every day that spring progresses with more and more flowering plants and weather that has become quite warm.

More...I went out to Uji with Cory for an afternoon and we went up and down the river looking at the sakura.  It was nice and quiet there because it was cloudy, dark, and windy so we pretty much had the area to ourselves.  I enjoyed our discussion of various philosophical questions as we walked about.

Train at Uji

Uji Train

Keihan Uji Station was so cool!

Woah, look at that building!

There was a building completely covered with cool vines right next to the station.

Vine-covered Building

Roads in uji


Uji (again)

There was a cool little island in the middle of the river with bridges connecting it to either side and the entire island was covered with sakura trees.


A few signs from this month:

It’s dangerous!  Do not play here!

Really, don't even try.

Don’t swim.

Yeah, don't even try.

This sign has been tampered with!

Eerie faces

This sign is really kind of scary.  If I were a girl and I saw that sign, I definitely wouldn’t want to walk alone at night.

Beware of The Shadow

Don’t dispose of cats and dogs.

Pet Disposal is bad!

A sign for a sake (alcohol) store that is the kanji for sake made up of many smaller versions of the same kanji.


Say what?

Studio Oops!

A name that inspires confidence.


The train totally does not leave from this platform.

They lie!

And finally, the best for last: some houses in Hirakata.

Hirakata houses


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