So Far, So Good!

January 1, 2010

Hey, it’s 2010!  Happy New Year!

I spent New Years Eve night over at the Shingu’s house watching Kouhaku and eating delicious nabe.  Nabe is the word for a big pot.  It is also the word for the food you cook in that pot.  You basically cook a bunch of thinly-sliced vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, and meat in a thin broth, and the bowl is placed in the middle of everyone, with  a burner going underneath, and people just grab what they want from the pot when it is ready to eat.  It’s delicious and fun!  Kouhaku is the annual year-end singing competition between the red team and the white team.  The red team is made up of all the popular girl singers, who each sing one of their new hits from this year.  The white team is made up of all the boy bands who follow suite.  Anyway, it switches back and forth between them, and runs on forever like the Academy Awards, but it was really fun to watch.  They put a whole lot of work into the stage performances and dancing.

I had to leave early because I had a television gig for the local cable company.  There’s really not much interesting to say about the show except that I was accosted by drunken half-dressed pro-wrestlers and that the best part of it all was riding around in a taxi for an hour dropping people off at their respective apartments while talking with the taxi drivers.

Anyway, I got home from that at 1AM.   I packed up my car with some blankets and a thermos full of warm coffee, and went back to pick up the Shingus.  We drove down to my favorite beach, walked down to the end and back in the icy wind, and then tried to warm up for about an hour just sitting in my car, waiting for the first sunrise of the year.  So, I’m running on about half an hour of sleep right now, but the first sunrise of the year was absolutely amazing.  I met some really nice people on the beach from that area and they shared some hot cocoa and cake with us as we watched the sun rise together.

So, here are some sunrise pictures.  2010 looks like it’s going to be amazing!

This is the "Sunflower" ship.  It passed by just as the sun was coming up.


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