Demons in the Night

January 7, 2010

This was the sunset tonight.

Tonight I went to the Demon Chase event in Sueyoshi town.  We stopped in at a community center sort of place and ate some fresh soba noodles and sweet potato fries before braving the cold.  A taiko group played for about half an hour, and then the demons came racing down off the mountain to run back and forth between the crowds.  People tried to grab the white paper streamers that were attached to the backs of the demons, and the protectors of the demons would beat away whoever came close with knotted ropes.  Bells were clanging and fireworks were going off the whole time, and the local youth did there best to grab paper streamers without getting beaten by the ropes.  The announcer was screaming all sorts of unintelligible stuff and old men walked up and down the road carrying paper lanterns and maintaining order (or searching for fires, I’m not really sure).  An older cameraman got bowled over by a charging demon, and two youths dressed as Godzilla and Minnie Mouse did their best to get in everyone’s pictures and on the television news.  If my batteries hadn’t died, I would really have liked to take a picture of the Godzilla suit.  Oh well.  It was a cold night, and the stars were clearly visible (not to mention the planes coming in low overhead on their way to Kagoshima airport).  It was a ridiculously fun family festival and it was great to see the community come out for an event like this.  I want to learn more about Sueyoshi, and I’m looking forward to coming back again next year to watch it again.


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  1. 本当にうらやましいいい!!

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