Snow Down South!

January 17, 2010

At this point, I probably have the same amount of Japanese readers as I do readers in America.  From now on I’m going to do my best to blog in both Japanese and English.  Please read whichever version you prefer(although I will probably write different things in each version and just ignore direct translation).


It snowed in Miyakonojo.  Pretty crazy, right?  I hear this is the first time they’ve had snow stick in about four or five years.  The snow melted really quickly, but it stuck around on the mountains for about a day.  When I was invited by my friend Yuko to go check it out, there was no way I was going to pass up such a rare opportunity.


First, we checked out Senri-no-taki (basically, “really long waterfall”).  This is part of it.  The biggest part was slightly further up but kind of hard to catch in a photograph.  Man, the path down there was treacherous with ice.  Too bad you can’t put your shoes into four-wheel drive mode.


From there, we continued on up until we reached the Ebino Plateau.  There was nobody there.  Suddenly, a deer came out of nowhere!


Must have been hungry, with nobody risking the ascent to feed it goodies.  After that, we poked around in the campground for awhile.  It was fun to run around and make the first footsteps (well, besides the deer and some crazy rabbit that apparently jumped off a bridge into the frozen river).  These cute little birds were nice enough to pose just long enough to snap a picture (yay for super telephoto).


Check out this nice icy pump.  Hmm, I guess it really was pretty cold.


I decided to do a bunch of black-and-white photography this time.  Snowy days seem particularly well-suited to that.


The bird came back.


Somebody left the water running to keep the pipes from bursting.  Good thinking.


You know me, I love to take pictures of walls and stuff.


The red pines up here are apparently pretty famous.


I’ll finish this up with some general views of the mountain up there.  Sure was pretty.  I feel really lucky to got to experience this.





  1. Hi クイル! I’m Kaori. You know my family.They told me about you. You really speak Japanese very well, and look really good in these pictures.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    • Hi Kaori! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! I was happy to meet your family and hear their stories about Oregon and Washington. I also am looking forward to meeting you someday and hearing about your experiences in America.

  2. Qちゃん、あの雪の一日に「えびの」できれいな自然をいっぱい見てきたのね。すごい!それを共有させてくれてありがとう。

    色々な鳥が食べにきますよ。bird wachingを窓から楽しんでます



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