April Showers Bring May Flowers – But It’s Only March!

March 5, 2010

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here, and that’s quite a shame. I always feel better when I’m blogging. I’m not exactly sure why, but it really helps solidify my thoughts and pull everything together in my memory after I’ve had an adventure. It’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff, and it’s not that I’m too busy to write. In fact, I’ve been spending a lot of time just lying around watching TV. Ah well, at least I was finally inspired to write something tonight!

I’m writing today because there were two events today that really surprised me. They both happened while I was out and about, on my way to and from the lecture I gave at the senior center. I had to drive a really long way (halfway to Miyazaki City) to give a talk in Shika, way out in the mountains. On the way out, I was stopped at a traffic light and there was a car further down the street in front of me waiting to turn across the street to enter a shop beside the road. There were a bunch of cars stopped in front of this car, going the other way, and one of them flashed their headlights to let the person know that they would let them through. So, this car pulled in front of them and attempted to enter the driveway of the store. Unfortunately, there were two lanes of traffic going the other way, and the far lane didn’t stop for the car. I was really surprised that the car that was turning wouldn’t check the second lane before proceeding through. That just seems like common sense to me. You don’t cross a lane of oncoming traffic without first checking to see if cars are coming or not. I guess what this proved to me is that despite all the ridiculous tests they have here to get your driver’s license, Japanese drivers are not any safer than those in America.

The second thing that happened today is actually related to the first. I was coming back from my lecture and I pulled up to stop at a light that had just turned red. At some lights in Japan, they let you turn across traffic after the light turns red, and there’s a special light for that. The cars that were waiting to turn made their turns and then just as the light was changing to allow the cars from the side road to enter, a motorcycle came up and ran straight through the light. That was so surprising, but what surprised me was that a policeman ran out in the road in front of him and asked him to pull over. The guy actually pulled over and stopped! I was amazed. A policeman on foot was able to complete a traffic stop! Wow!

Anyway, there’s been all sorts of stuff going on. We had the World Festa in the middle of February, and it was a fabulous success. Valentines Day came and went, I met a fabulous girl and now I have a girlfriend. We took a trip down to Cape Sata together last weekend, and played around in the ocean at about the same time that a rumored tsunami rolled in. Crazy times!

I’m baking cookies and they’re almost completely made out of butter and egg. I put no water, milk, vegetable oil, or liquid of any sort into this cookies. That seems strange to me. Yet, they taste quite good.

I got the licensing and insurance renewed on my car. Just as I thought, my car’s still running perfectly, and now it is licensed and ready to go for another two years. I’ve just got to make sure I get my Japanese license next month before my international permit expires.

I got to drive a tractor around one of my supervisor’s fields. It was so relaxing to just till the soil, row after row. I was only able to do a small part of his fields, and now it has been raining almost every day, so we’ve got to wait until it dries up a bit before we can till up the rest. I’m looking forward to helping out some more!

Life is good, but I have found myself looking forward to weekends recently. Time to have some more adventures!


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