Trip Around N. Kyushu – Day One

September 9, 2010

Hey!  Man, it’s been a long time.  I’ve been really busy at work, so I’ve been pretty tired, but I have been getting out and having lots of fun, too!  Here’s a picture from one of my recent small excursions around Miyakonojo.

A couple of weeks ago, Miyuki and I took a five-day trip up around northern Kyushu.

The first day, we drove up to Takachiho Gorge in northern Miyazaki.  This is probably one of the most beautiful places in Kyushu, if not all of Japan.  You’re supposed to be able to ride boats around on the river that flows through the canyon, but they had that service closed down for the day due to the danger of falling rocks.  It was still beautiful (but really hot).

There were lots of cool dragonflies.

Can you guess what this next picture is???

It’s… a waterwheel!

The area up in northern Miyazaki is so mountainous and steep.  Very different from the basin of Miyakonojo where I live.

The longest arch bridge in Japan.

And finally, a cool waterfall we checked out on the way back to Nobeoka.

That night we drove up to Beppu and had dinner at a cool family restaurant that was kinda classy.  I’ve got pictures somewhere of our meals, and maybe I’ll get those posted up here someday.  It was a fun meal after a good day of traveling.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice, too, and I was really glad we were able to find a place like that to relax after a long day.  In the next post, we go to Hell!


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