Trip Around N. Kyushu – Day Two

September 9, 2010

The next day started out in Beppu.  We parked at a shopping center (where I grabbed the next photo) and then walked across the street to have some Starbucks.  Check out this cool street.

This road actually goes right by my apartment.  I just happen to live hundreds of kilometers further down the road.

Next, we went to hell.

They have a series of special hot springs in one area of the town and you can go around and visit all of them on the Jigoku Meguri (circle of hell).  The first one we went to was a blood-red pool of hot water.

Next we visited the geyser hot spring.  It erupts every forty minutes for about ten minutes.  After that, we drove up the hill a little ways and found this view point.

One of the next ones we went to had this awesome sign.

That sign was just filled with awesome.  And Korean writing.  But they couldn’t actually be serious about crocodiles, right??

Hmm…  Crocodiles in the hot springs of hell…  I vaguely remembered a coworker telling me about this at some point in the past, but I thought he was joking, because you can never really trust anything he says.  Does this mean the info he gave me about the ocean where I went swimming always being full of sharks is true, too?  Hmm…

The next hot spring in line had a bunch of animals.  Why?  I don’t know.  But it was cool.

You could feed the hippo.

He got a carrot stuck on his nose.

There were a bunch of other hot springs, but none of those pictures made it through my first sweep of pictures I wanted to put up.  I may decide later to put up more pictures so you can see what they look like.  It was a great day of playing tourist at the hot springs of hell, but it was really hot.

We drove over the mountains to Yufuin for the evening.  Here’s a picture of Yufudake (remember what it looked like from my trip up there last November?).

We spent the night in an amazing traditional Japanese-style inn (ryokan).  We had a scrumptious 10-course meal and we could even rent the outdoor bath to ourselves for forty minutes.  Thus ends another great day!

On day three, we cross the bridge of dreams, and head for the big city.


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