Trip Around N. Kyushu – Day Four

September 21, 2010

The next day, we continued down the Fukuoka coast into Nagasaki.  There were still a few places in Nagasaki that we wanted to check out that we didn’t get to on our last trip up there.  The biggest thing we wanted to do there was go to the Nagasaki Bio Park.

And then came the main attraction…

Two of the capybaras escaped from their normal enclosure and were running around in the flamingo pond.  We were really surprised when capybaras ran across the path in front of us and then started swimming around and scaring the flamingos.

After that, we entered the petting zoo area of the park.  They had goats, guinea pigs, and other furry animals that start with ‘G’.

After that, we entered the real capybara enclosure.  You can play with, feed, and touch the capybaras.  It was a dream come true!

After that, we found coatis…


Next we played with the monkeys!  They climbed all over my shoulders.


And a tortoise!


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