Pop’s First Couple of Days in Japan

December 20, 2010

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated, and I’ve got tons of pictures to put up here, so I’m not going to really explain anything but just put up the pictures.  My dad came to visit in the beginning of November and we spent a week together exploring around Kyushu.

This first picture was taken a few days before my dad came, but the rest of the pictures are of our first couple of days poking around the Miyakonojo area together.




  1. Your Dad wrote to me recently and told me what a grand time he had being there and also being with you. He is very proud of you and your work, etcetera. i am delighted that he shares those thoughts with me..we have known each other some 35+ years.

  2. Oh, and your photography is really beautiful…thanks for sharing with me.

    • Hi James! Thank you for all the kind comments. I appreciate the support and I’m glad you’re enjoying my pictures. I had a wonderful time showing my dad around the Japan that I love so much and I’m really glad he was able to see and experience what my life is like over here. I’ll try to keep the blog updated more frequently with pictures and stories.

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